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In 1920, Doctors Gatti and Kayola in Italy demonstrate the fragrance of essential oils have beneficial effects on mental health.


In the 1970s, Professor Paolo Rovesti of the University of Milan makes use of the extracted essence of native bergamots, oranges, lemons, and other fruits as psychiatric medication.


Rovesti declares the fragrances of such oils awaken and release suppressed memories and emotions that adversely affect mental health.


The professor also lists the essential oil from marjoram, cypress, rose and lavender as effective in anxiety relief.




It’s very famous story, on Aromatherapy’s history,


Though these are well-known events in the history of aromatherapy, they were the things that inspired my interest in the field, as well as made me realize its great potential.


The strong and various effects that the mind exerts on one’s physical health are well-known, and have been studied by scholars worldwide.


By adopting positive thinking, for example, many people have overcome chronic insomnia and no longer require the aid of sleeping pills.


Surrounded by pleasing fragrances, one can more fully experience a sense of enjoyment, security, peacefulness, and even improve one’s self esteem.




Here are a few more things about aromatherapy worthy of mention:


●No undesirable side effects

●Long-term use harmless

●Can remove side effects from strong medicine in some cases


When used gently and by trained specialists, a host of healing effects are delivered to both mind and body.


At a physical level, pain is relieved and blood and lymphocyte circulation is activated according to the type of massage stroke employed, normalizing their values to their original and best states.


Medical aromatherapy has the function of discharging medication-related harmful toxins from your body.


Your mind and body will feel fresh energy and a new lightness, as aromatherapy will reset you to your original and most beautiful condition.



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